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We love golf plain and simple, whether we’re teeing it up on our local muni, playing an early morning nine before work gets in the way or checking a course off of our bucket list. Front 9 Coffee is rooted in family, friendships and a love for coffee and the most frustrating game in the world.

Our Coffee

Starting with the best green coffee beans from the finest coffee growing regions in the world our coffee is roasted to order and shipped to you quickly. Our blends are as unique as your golf swing and with flavors and roasts to complement any coffee craving. Whether you’re a dew sweeper who wants coffee to kick start your round or you enjoy a nice balanced cup of coffee on those chilly fall rounds, our coffee fits your game. Like golfers and their swings, we’re always tinkering with our coffee to try and get those few extra yards of flavor.


Meet the Crew



Austin grew up in North Augusta, South Carolina and began playing golf on a local 9 hole course at an early age with his father and grandfather. His father Roger, spent his years in the golf car industry and eventually ended up purchasing the 9 hole course known as “Jim and Lillie’s”. And while that course is long closed, it’s scorecard lives in our label as an ode to where it all began. After a brief and largely unsuccessful run on the long drive circuit, Austin settled into a career in Insurance and is currently a 5 Handicap.

When he’s not on the course Austin is busy with his wife Heather and his two kids who he hopes will one day pick up the game he loves.

Favorite Coffee: Pick It Up Pecan



Kimberly grew up caddying for her dad on courses around the world. Growing up on military bases, her and her sister were kept busy collecting stray golf balls that landed in the backyard. Their favorite activity was digging in the sandtraps and getting to rake it back when they got caught!

Kimberly is a terrible golfer and is better suited to drive the cart around. Kimberly lives in North Augusta, South Carolina with her husband Brent and 2 girls, one of which is starting to pick up the game! Watch Out LPGA.

Favorite Coffee: Captain's Choice Kahlua Caramel

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